Preventative Maintenance Service

Become a Preventative Maintenance Customer and Reduce your Bills

Sydney Trade Connect programmed maintenance provides you with a regular service to industrial and commercial equipment and appliances.

Programmed maintenance benefits your business as it provides you with the confidence that your equipment will be routinely serviced which will ensure that your appliances are working reliably and efficiently at their optimal level.

There are any benefits to program maintenance which include:

  • No service call on breakdowns*
  • Reduced Hourly labour rate
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Reducing the risk of breakdowns which will be more cost effective to your business
  • Assisting you to budget your maintenance cost
  • Maintaining peak performance from your equipment
  • Our service technicians will become familiar with your equipment ensuring that they will be more efficient and effective in resolving any breakdown or maintenance problems

Sydney Trade Connect service technicians will design a program to suit your business and to provide you with a personalised maintenance program.

Program maintenance will give your business the confidence that your business can run more efficiently and effectively.

* Excludes After Hour Breakdowns. 


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